Ginos | Carpentry Thebes Boeotia
  In our company "Ginos" which is located in Thebes of Boeotia, the art of furniture meets the practicality of everyday life. We create unique furniture that reflects your personality and style, whether you want furniture for your home or business.  
  The right furniture is the soul of the space and we can create the ideal furniture for every corner of your home or business space, in the style and style you desire so that your space becomes better than you had imagined..  
  We cover every need &
every taste!

From modern living room and dining room furniture, elegant and practical furniture for bedrooms and children's rooms to practical furniture for your bathroom and for every space.

Our creations are distinguished not only for their impeccable aesthetic effect, but also for their quality of construction and functionality.

We use high quality materials and choose the design with attention to detail to offer you furniture that will last over time and serve you reliably.

     We directly serve Thebes, all of Boeotia and all of Attica.  

If you want elegant and quality furniture for your space, all you have to do is contact us and be sure to receive the best service. 
2262304319 & 6945693903